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Mary Jane Keller, OTR, CHT is an excellent Hand Therapist. I had wrist pain for over one year and she helped resolve my pain with only a few treatments.

Her knowledge of hand and upper extremity conditions is the best in the area and she shows compassion and dedication to her patients. We are very fortunate to have Mary Jane practicing occupational therapy here in the Northwoods.

M.D., MD

On New Year's Eve, 2010 around 4PM it began to rain on top of snow quickly turning the surface of the snow to ice. I took my dog out being very cautious but fell anyway causing a dislocation and severe injury to my elbow and arm, involving the radial and ulnar nerves as well.

After a long and complicated surgery I discovered I had completely lost the use of my wrist and hand. I believe that providentially, I was referred to Excel Rehab and Mary Jane Keller, OTR, CHT. After 10-1/2 months of 2-3 times a week therapy, I was discharged with the use of my wrist and hand restored as well as a healed arm and elbow.

Two weeks later in November I returned to Excel Rehab for post knee-replacement therapy.

I am happy to report I have made an uncomplicated recovery with the competent help of Anne Mai, PTA in 8 weeks and am now using ExcelRehab’s equipment for ongoing exercise under their weekly plan.

I simply cannot say enough about the friendly, competent and encouraging staff at Excel Rehab and the care I received over the last 12 months. I recommend them to anyone needing help and rehabilitation. I know that I would not have recovered as well without them. Thank You Excel!


I have been very satisfied with the treatments and close attention given to me during my care and rehab. It has helped me to recover in a very reasonable amount of time.

The people here have been professional and personable and kind. I highly recommend their services.